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Blindness Control and Cataract Awareness Programme

August 01, 2015

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Dr.Manohar Dole Medical Foundation's Mohan Thuse Eye Hospital & Research Institute atNarayangaon, is actively engaged, for the past 32 years, in treating the poor and indigent patients [residing inthe districts of Pune, Ahmed Nagar and Thane] suffering from every kind of eyeailment by use of latest medical techniques and equipments. Starting itsmission, years ago, from a small shed, the Foundation has steadily progressed, in spite of numerous hurdles and financialconstraints, and now functions from a spacious and modern Hospital withlatest medical techniques and surgical tools available even for complicated ofeye disorders. Apart from other necessary staff, we have ten resident surgeonsavailable round the clock. Super Specialists also visit the hospital onscheduled days for complicated operations.We can rightfully boast of hi – tech equipments,Specious General Ward, Comfortable Special Rooms, even Independent OperationTheatre and special Rooms for patients suffering from contagious eye diseases(Septic Ward, O.T.). During this journey, we couldorganize over 15000 Eye Check-up Camps in different locations of the region,some of which not easily accessible, and provided the poor patients withtreatment and medication. Thus far, we have conducted over 1,00,000 successfulcataract removal surgeries. Apart from this, eye check-up of school children indifferent villages are carried out on regular basis. We have established an eyebank at the hospital and programmes for creating awareness for eye donation arevigorously pursued.


1) Mohan ThuseNetra Rugnalaya & Research Institute

A charitable 40 beddedinstitute having 3 well equipped operation theatres with all the amenities(Ambulances, Infrastructure, medical staff, resident doctors, paramedicalstaff, etc) giving free services in the eye care field to the downtown patientsof the hilly region area.. More than 800000 patients were examined from8000 camps and over 110000 patients were selected for the operative and about85000 cataract and other surgeries have operated upon and that too free of costincluding To & Fro, Accommodation with food, Operation with IOLimplantation, Medicine etc. irrespective every Cast, Greed & Religion from the tribal Area for the poor &needy patients belonging to the weaker section. Over 90% work is done free of cost.

2) AtharvaNetralaya & Hi-Tech laser Center

A fully air conditioned,well equipped Laser unit since 2005 having International equipments ( FundusCamera (Germany), White Star Phaco, Green Laser, ND Yag Laser etc) & to treat the cataract & other eyediseases. From this unit over 7000patients were examined and 2468 patients were operated free of cost.

3) Madhav NetraPedhi

TheEye Bank since 2009 is equipped with hi-tech equipments and facilities fortimely removal, storage, and transplantation of healthy corneas to needypatients. Due to our continuous awareness programs for eye donations, throughour Eye Camps, which are held on a regular basis, we have been able to receivemany inquiries for eye donations. We have many patients whose visions have beensaved from the eye bank.

Secondlywe have maintained a complete database of both Donors and Receivers with theirmedical history in order to ascertain the exact specification. We have alsocompile and co-ordinate with other eye banks that have gathered or are in theprocess of compiling such database. Which help us in creating a State levelnetwork whereby any person who wishes to donate his/her eyes posthumously willbe registered at all eye banks simultaneously, A Govt. recognized eye bankworking round the clock. Over 250 eyeball were collected and over 68 keratoplasty surgeries were done totally free.

4) BloodStorage Center

Having A Govt. recognized Blood StorageCenter which mainly working round the clock & giving the facilities asbelow-

  • Replace blood lost during injury as in accidents.
  • Replace blood loss during major surgeries
  • Help patients with blood disorders like haemophilia.
  • Help burns patients receive plasma, that may be critical for their survival.
  • Raise hemoglobin levels (through transfusions) in patients with chronic ailments like kidney diseases, cancer and anemia.

Wealso conduct “Blood Donation Camps” in villages, Schools & Colleges for thecollection of Blood. Which help them bridge this gap. We have also conductBlood Transfusion to serious and needy patients. Over 500 blood bags were issued in the concessional rate.

5) VinayakShripad Rajguru Mobile Eye Clinic

We have a Mobileeye Clinic with all the required equipments for the eye need patients in theperiphery of 8 talukas giving door to door services & treat patients on thespot. This Mobile Van has been stationed at different locations and treatspatients, giving them most sophisticated treatment, short of operation (whichis legally not permitted).Over 28000patients were examined and 1800 cataract patients were selected & 1200patients were operated free of cost.

6) Dr. ShakuntalaMirashi Ophthalmic Nursing Course

Atwo years complete free nursing ophthalmic course which helps the poor& needy girls for their self sustained. 25 girls from every year batch arepass out from this course are self sustained in their further life. It istotally free of cost course.

7) PhacoTraining Centre

A Phaco Trainingcourse giving training to the graduate surgeons under the guidance of thesenior surgeons. Over 200 doctorsgone under this training & over 80 post graduate students appears thisfellowship every year. We have also Audio-Video facilities & VideoConferencing for these students to update the latest technique. This trainingcourse is completely free of cost.

Our Proposed Projects

v College of Optometry

v Ten Bedded Hospital

v Lasik

v Vitreo Retinal Surgery

v College of Physicians & Surgeon (CPS)

All this efforts of our foundation for the needy& poor patients are in generous way for the noble cause & over 90 % ofthe work is been done totally free irrespective every Cast, Greed & Religion from the tribal Area for the poor &needy patients belonging to the weaker section. We also assure to maintain thesame ratio for the proposed projects & the contribution of our foundationwill be in the same manner.

Thanking you

Dr.Sandeep Dole

Medical Director

9860226058 / 9552227777

Search by Tags:  Charity

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